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Yes. We provide a vagina heating rod for free. Customers need to pay extra for a full body warming system. Just let us know before you place an order.

Don’t get discouraged if your doll’s body isn’t warm in the first 30 to 60 minutes.

Silicone is good at insulating heat, so it takes a little longer to travel outwards to the skin and body. On average, it could take around 2 hours to fully warm your doll. 

If you’re having difficulty with the internal full-body heating system, you might not be giving it enough time. The difference is night and day, and you’ll notice right away if you just give it enough time.


To get the full effect, it might take a little trial and error, but it’s worth the effort and patience. Basically, the suction squeezes the channel around you during the feed and tightens slightly, then releases, producing a clenching (clamping) affect, it also pulls or draws you in a bit deeper. There’s a rhythm to it, and you’ll have to discover what works best for you. Some say it works best if you’re already inside before powering on, while other say it doesn’t matter.

Everyone will experience the sensation differently but some customers have reported the effect is much stronger when the doll is standing, or in a doggy or cowgirl position.

Some have even reported the experience is even more realistic in the way it functions as you interact with it, kind of like how you have to learn what does and doesn’t work with a real-life partner.

The vaginal suction feature on a life sized doll does not produce the same artificial effect as what you might experience on some torso dolls on the market. It still feels amazing but it’s a bit more subtle. Our dolls are designed to look and feel as real as possible, they aren’t designed to do something a real woman – no matter how talented – can’t do.

So at first take your time, show a little patience, and you’ll be rewarded with years of unforgettable intimacy and emotional fulfillment.

Yes, they are 100% waterproof. You can use the doll in the bathroom or wet it with water-based lubricant.

Yes, all irontechdoll have a flexible skeleton. Most body parts can be moved independently. Our sex dolls can be used missionary, doggie, and pretty much any way you can imagine.

Before shipping, we will check and take photos to get your confirmation. Please contact us for more detailed photos and videos if you have any questions. Also, you can see most videos in the doll links. We are confident about what we are selling.

Please maintain the doll as the manual. If you have any problems, please contact your vendor or us directly. We will help you.

We are responsible for shipping and quality issues. And you will be enjoying lifetime service.

Yes. you can choose as many custom options as you like. Mix and match. If you find you like one model’s body but prefer a different model’s head/face we can make the switch at no extra charge. Just let us know.

Manufacturing silicone and TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomer) dolls can be considered more environmentally friendly than other adult toy industry materials. Still, it’s important to understand that “environmentally friendly” is relative. Here are some reasons why these materials may be considered more environmentally friendly than some alternatives:

1. Durability and Longevity: Both silicone and TPE dolls are known for their durability and longevity. They can withstand wear and tear and do not degrade quickly, meaning they can be used for an extended period. Longer-lasting products reduce the need for frequent replacements, which can lower overall waste generation.

2. Recyclability: Silicone and TPE can be recycled to some extent. Although recycling options for sex dolls may not be as readily available as for some other products, the potential for recycling these materials does exist. Proper recycling practices can reduce the environmental impact of disposing of old or damaged dolls.

3. Non-toxic and Non-hazardous: High-quality silicone and TPE materials used in reputable doll manufacturing (such as ours) are non-toxic and free from harmful chemicals like phthalates, which can be found in other materials used in the adult toy industry. This is important for consumer safety and the environment, as releasing toxic substances can harm ecosystems.

4. Lower Energy Consumption: The manufacturing processes for silicone and TPE dolls may require less energy than alternatives. The production of these materials often involves lower temperatures and simpler processes, which can contribute to reduced energy consumption.

5. Bio-compatibility: Silicone and TPE are bio-compatible materials well-tolerated by the human body. While this aspect is more relevant to the user’s health, it indirectly impacts the environment by reducing the likelihood of discarded dolls due to health-related concerns.

6. Non-porous Nature: Silicone has non-porous surfaces, making them less likely to harbor bacteria or other pathogens. This characteristic can contribute to easier cleaning and maintenance, potentially extending the lifespan of the dolls.

In Conclusion:

It’s important to remember that no manufacturing process is entirely without an environmental footprint. Environmental concerns are still associated with these products’ production, transportation, and eventual disposal. Raw materials, energy consumption during manufacturing, and waste management all affect the overall environmental impact.

It’s also essential for consumers to make responsible choices, such as properly disposing of old products and supporting companies like Irontech Doll, prioritizing sustainability and ethical manufacturing practices by running an ISO 14000 system.

If you wish the ability to embrace pleasure on your terms, whenever and however you desire, then this product is for you.

If you struggle with social anxiety and struggle to build meaningful connections with others, this product is for you.

We firmly believe that our love dolls are an outlet for those who seek companionship, and we design our dolls to embody qualities that promote respect and empathy. We encourage treating the dolls as equals, promoting emotional connections rather than objectification.

That all depends on how you like your women – fat, thin, athletic, busty, petite, voluptuous. Of course, weight can be a factor. For example, if you weigh 100lbs you probably wouldn’t want a doll that weighs 120 (at least if you’d like to be able to move her around easily). As far as the head/face is concerned that too depends on personal preference.

We will ship the Manual, Wig, Cleaning device, heating rod, and clothing with the doll. Due to the shipping restriction, the repair kit is not allowed shipping with the doll. If you need glue or stain remover, please tell us. We will send it individually by another shipping method.

The realistic body painting may fade gradually over time due to friction and cleaning. The coloring ability of the ultra-soft silicone body is comparatively limited. After friction and the influence of the oils of silicone material, the body painting may gradually fade.

When changing your doll’s clothes, please do so gently. We suggest using smooth fabrics (for the clothes, coverlet, and cushion cover) to reduce the risk of paint fading caused by friction during use.

We recommend wearing the doll with light-colored shapewear to preserve its shape during regular use.

When not in use, please either hang the doll or place it back in its original box for safe storage.

Photos will no longer be available for download in order to protect our customers, our business and our reputation.

Unfortunately our doll pictures have been found on many fake sites pretending to sell our dolls. Recently we found a  site online that was a complete clone of our old site. Everything was the same except for the contact information. Imagine thinking you’re buying the doll of your dreams but you end up with a cheap, fake doll or worse yet, you end up with nothing and no chance of getting your money back. We do this to protect you and ourselves. Thank you for understanding.

We provide the customer with a reference-only photograph (for each size doll regarding bikini lines). Each doll is unique, and it should be noted that our dolls are hand painted, so photos are for reference only, and slight differences may be incurred.

Minor dents on the silicone skin can be easily smoothed out by gently stretching the skin around them. Please refer to the instruction video.

To address minor dents on the TPE skin, you can gently apply a warm damp cloth and massage the dent to restore its original shape.

Order & Payment

Browse our website to find the sex doll you desire. Once you have chosen the one you like, click the “Add to Cart” button.

If you have any questions or need assistance during the selection process, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to assist you.

After you’ve added the sex doll to your cart, proceed to checkout. You will need to fill out the billing details to complete the order.

We offer these payment methods:

Bank transfer


Cryptocurrency – contact for further discussion

You can change specific options before we ship your order, such as wig and eye color.
If production for the body has started, you may need to pay extra for the changes. Please contact your vendor or to know the situation of your order.

The production time varies depending on the material of the doll. For TPE sex dolls, it takes approximately 20-25 days, while silicone sex dolls take around 25-30 days to produce.

Once the production is finished, we will send you pictures of your sex doll for confirmation before arranging the shipment.

We recommend documenting the unboxing process by taking videos or photos as proof of receiving your sex doll. If your doll arrives damaged during delivery, contact us immediately for assistance.

Each Irontech Doll comes with an anti-fake code in its manual. You can check the authenticity of your doll by visiting this page and entering the code provided in the manual.


The delivery time differ according to the shipping method. Please refer to shipping policy.
*Logistics Impacted Period: From mid-November to February, affected by Christmas and the Spring Festival, the speed of international logistics transportation will slow down. If you place an order during this period, your item may take longer to be delivered. Transport by train, truck, and ship will be more obviously affected.

Delivered duty paid (DDP) shipping is a type of delivery where the seller takes responsibility for all risks and costs associated with transporting goods until the buyer receives them at the destination.

The doll will ship via air/train/truck/ship. It will be delivered by local carriers when it arrives in the destination country. We create a tracking number through the carrier’s system and print the label on the parcel.

The tracking information does not update until the doll arrives in the destination country. When you check the tracking information, it will show that the doll has arrived at cities where clear customs.


The buyer doesn’t have to pay import tax.

The seller is responsible for customs clearance.

Lower shipping price.


Your doll will arrive in 20 days, which takes more time than express.

The tracking information will update within 15 days.

Can I use DDP Shipping?

Products with batteries excluded.

This service is available in the contiguous United States and most EU countries.

Please contact us for more information.

We have been in the doll business since 2015 and have served thousands of customers worldwide. Countries apart from some Mideast countries and African countries, it is okay to import dolls there. And as for Latin American countries, sometimes it is possible. Asia(except for India, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka), North America, Europe, and Oceania are okay with doll import.

As for tariffs, USA customers are free from tax. European customers can choose self-clearance or delivery-duty-free service. The final custom tax will be from 50 USD to 200USD, which depends on your country’s policy and the doll size.

We will ship the Manual, Wig, Cleansing device, heating rod, and clothing with the doll. Due to the shipping restriction, the repair kit is not allowed shipping with the doll. If you need glue or stain remover, please tell us. We will send it individually by another shipping method.


Please email with your business status or check with the Agents Wanted page. We will then help you with the following partnership details and help you grow your business. Irontechdoll will always keep customers and business partners at their top attention list.

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