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Beauty Inspired Creation

At Irontechdoll, we are pioneers in sexual and emotional fun. For over 5 years, we have created dolls that inspire great sex and emotional satisfaction. And we have done it well as our slogan-Beauty-inspired creation. 
All our dolls are created based on real beauty and we try to recover all the details that a real human enjoys. We have use the best material and craftsmanship to take things up to a level that will totally absorb you into the best amusement without any distract.


Our dolls come in all shapes, sizes and styles. They stand for sexy ladies and gentlemen with different characteristic, looking, races for every gender and orientation. They can be your sex partner, emotional companion, clothing model, dating trainer, etc.
There are so many different style of tastes. That is why we make such a wide of selection with three different series, that is irontechdoll starter series which focus on small sized doll with better price, normal irntechdolls which is the main stream, and Irontechdoll super realistic series which is silicone sex doll for extream demands for aesthetics.
We hope to bring best sex satisfaction with our possible efforts.

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  • Buyer Review: Silicone Sex Doll 152cm S20 Suki
    • Nov 30,2022
    • Ram M

    Buyer Review: Silicone Sex Doll 152cm S20 Suki

    Silicone Sex Doll 152cm S20 Suki Hello, everyone. My name is Maoqiandai. Recently, the COVID-19 epidemic in Beijing has become more serious. With the smog and the leaves falling off, I feel almost depressed after staying at home all day. Fortunately,...

  • Irontechdoll Gel Breasts/Butt
    • Nov 22,2022
    • Ram M

    Irontechdoll Gel Breasts/Butt

    Customizing the softness of breasts and butt has become popular among sex doll lovers. The gel-filled part makes a sex doll closer to a real body. This blog answers some most asked questions about the Irontechdoll gel option. Can I customize the softness of gel breasts/b...

  • Irontechdoll-Anti Fake Code
    • Nov 18,2022
    • Ram M

    Irontechdoll-Anti Fake Code

    To ensure that our customers have the best possible experience when it comes to buying a sex doll, we have added an anti-fake system to the Irontechdoll official website.   The purpose of this anti-fake system is to protect Irontechdoll's brand and reputation. And most i...

  • Delivered Duty Paid (DDP) Shipping Explained
    • Nov 7,2022
    • Ram M

    Delivered Duty Paid (DDP) Shipping Explained

    Hi everyone. We launched Delivered Duty Paid (DDP) Shipping in early 2022, while some customers are still confused with this service. Here we explain it specifically.   What is Delivered Duty Paid (DDP) Shipping? Delivered duty paid (DDP) shipping is a type of delivery w...

  • My Custom Irontech Male Head
    • Nov 2,2022
    • Ram M

    My Custom Irontech Male Head

    Hi Leonard How are you? We exchanged emails a long time ago about custom doll work, back before Irontech was offering 100% silicone dolls. I also believe your only male doll option at the time was Charles. My four silicone elf heads Since then I hav...

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