Custom Sex Doll Service

Fantasy often surpasses reality, particularly in the context of being a high-quality sex doll manufacturer. Merely having a passion for this industry isn’t enough. We continuously strive to discover fresh avenues for crafting captivating and aesthetically rich sex dolls. The connection between inspiration and sex dolls draws from various sources including the imaginative desires of customers and experiences of individuals in the real world. These elements are a constant source of fantastic ideas providing us with limitless possibilities. Feel free to leave us a message in the form at the bottom of the page. We’d love to hear from you!

Irontech Custom Sex Doll Service

You can choose from Irontech Doll’s available options to customize your love sex doll exactly how you want.

CREATE your own custom sex doll from 0 to 1, and make your dream love girl comes to reality.

Make your custom sex doll fulfill your special appetite, whether she’s from outer space or fantasy.

Regular Custom Sex Doll

Building your own sex dolls is not only made to your exact expectation but also brings your fantasy to life. Irontech Doll offers a wide selection of high-quality TPE and Silicone sex dolls. You can start with as many as over 60 different body types and over 150 heads to build your custom sex dolls. You can also make your love dolls with various features and options.

The Process

Step 1: Choose a sex doll’s body and head.
Step 2: Choose a sex doll’s skin color, eye color, and hairstyle.
Step 3: Choose a sex doll areola size and color, Standing Feet or none.
Step 4: Choose a vagina type and color.
Step 5: Choose fingernails and toenails, pubic hair style, or none.
For more details please visit Irontech Doll Options.

Exclusive Custom Sex Doll

Although we offer a vast collection of realistic sex dolls, many customers want exclusive sex dolls. We also provide exclusive custom sex doll service, you can create your own beauty with the face and body you choose. We can create a custom sex doll based on your favorite anime character, celebrity, and even your dream love girls. If you provide us with some information, we will be more than happy to assist you in realizing your fantasy.

The Process

Step 1: Make sure that you choose a suitable material for your custom sex doll, as silicone material costs more expensive than TPE. If you want to know more about the difference between silicone and TPE materials, please visit the TPE Dolls vs Silicone Dolls for a comparison.

Step 2: Which part of the sex doll do you want to customize? The sex doll head or the sex doll body. The custom doll body takes longer than the custom doll head. This is a significant investment, so we must continuously confirm every detail with you until you are delighted. We only want to present you with the perfect sex doll you look forward to.

Step 3: Tell us your custom requests, such as the skin tone, the features of the eyes, nose, mouth, etc. You can also send reference pictures or videos with specific customization (including doll size, height, cup size, features, etc.), and it would be better to provide 3D scanning data. The more detailed, the better. We will provide feedback on your requests to our professional design department.

Step 4: Our professional design department will carry out the sex doll mold design through 3D-print modeling or clay sculpture according to your requests. And we will keep in touch with you to confirm the design details. We will mold production after you ensure the design is free of issues. This process usually takes 3 to 6 months. It depends on the customer’s confirmation. If it goes well, it won’t take long.

Step 5: After you confirm the design and the mold, we will continue to make the custom sex doll for you and fill them with corresponding materials.

Step 6: When the filling process is completed, our makeup artist will apply body contouring and facial makeup for your custom sex doll.

Step 7: Once all your customization is done, we will send you pictures and videos of your custom sex doll for confirmation.

Custom Case: Project with SiliconGirls and Ivy Cosplay


SiliconGirls, the marketer and manager of this project. And is our Authorized Vendors and trustfully cooperating partner. SiliconGirls’ goal is to provide the best online sex doll shopping experience by offering high-quality and affordable sex dolls with great customer service.

lvy Cosplay is a popular American cosplayer, known for her anime-style cosplays. She is also known as Ivette. Ivy currently lives in the United States, Florida, but she is originally from Puerto Rico. Ivy Cosplay is a popular American cosplayer who is famous for her erotic and seductive poses.

SiliconGirls seeks to create something new and innovative for the community of Sex Doll lovers. They cooperated with cosplayer Ivy-a popular American professional cosplayer model known for her anime-style cosplays, to create a realistic silicone sex doll. Irontech Doll creates a personalized Ivy cosplay doll from 3D scan photos provided by Ivy, and SiliconGirls has an exclusive right to sell it.

IvyCosplay Doll

Pictures of Ivy Cosplay and 3D-Print Modeling

The Body Specification Details

Height163cm64.17 in
Upper Breast84cm33.07 in
Under Breast 71cm27.95 in

C Cup

Waist67cm26.38 in
Hips85cm33.46 in
Arms66cm25.98 in
Shoulders38cm14.96 in
Leg84cm33.07 in
Foot21cm8.27 in

Factory Photos of Ivy Cosplay Doll

Ivy Cosplay Doll Display

Would you like to have a Sex Doll exactly like Ivy Cosplay? Now it is possible. Ordering an Ivy Doll, you will receive a thank you video from Ivy Cosplay herself. She will be happy to thank you in person for your order.

Other Custom Sex Doll

If you want your realistic sex doll looks more extraordinary and fantasy, then you can always ask for the customization of special makeup and skin color. Through our customization service, you can create the look that you want for your custom sex doll.

The Process

Step 1: To customize a sex doll’s skin color. Please send us a reference picture or provide us with a color index. We will follow up on the information you provide and produce a piece of sex doll material for your confirmation. After we receive your confirmation, we will start to make the custom sex doll.

Step 2: To customize a sex doll’s makeup. Please send us the makeup requirements or pictures you want to customize. Then, we will send you pictures for your confirmation.

Custom Sex Doll Skin Tone Reference

Custom Sex Doll Makeup Reference

Last Words

The birth of Irontech Doll’s creations arises from a fusion of innovative designs, thorough market research, the invaluable insights of our dedicated team, and priceless feedback from our satisfied customers. Our unwavering dedication propels us to constantly push the boundaries of imagination to present even more captivating creations. Beyond mere companions capable of fulfilling diverse desires, our customized sex dolls possess the potential to be cherished as exquisite works of art or prized additions to personal collections. Above all, our greatest aspiration is for your personalized sex doll to bring you a lifetime brimming with joy and happiness.