Sex Doll Review – TPE 159cm Saya

Mariko came to me as a goodwill gesture because a previously delivered doll was badly damaged and had massive quality problems.
Manufacturer: Irontech Doll
Name: Saya 159cm
Material: TPE

Irontech Doll TPE 159cm Saya

Packaging quality

  • Cardboard box
    Heavily soiled
  • Padding
    Very good

First impression

  • Body and proportions
    Mariko has a youthful, feminine, athletic dream figure. Most people who see her here rate her as very young and pretty.
  • Softness
    Mariko is soft, but firm to the touch. Her breasts are air-filled and pleasantly soft.
  • Weight
    Less than stated, 35kg with head.
  • Powdering
    Sufficient, a little dirty. (Maybe someone didn’t have clean hands at customs).
  • Odor
    Very pleasant, almost odorless.


  • Casting defects, dents, molds, blowholes
  • Transitions to hard feet or hands
    Not applicable
  • Breasts symmetry
    Perfectly identical
  • Hands and nails
    Not detailed. Beautiful, simple, not very defined girl’s hands. French pink, glued.
  • Feet and nails
    Not detailed, but exceptionally pretty girl’s feet with a delightful shape. Nails glued.

Her joints

  • Skeleton construction (standard / evo / wire hands)
    Standard, wire hands
  • Noises
    Strong breakaway torque with cracking and sometimes squeaking.
  • Range of movement
    Hip joints have stops.
  • Stiffness
    Very tightly adjusted. Neck somewhat loose.
  • Hands, grip
    Not applicable. (wire)

Details and care

  • Appearance compared to the promotion
    Very close to the promo pictures. The body is much prettier than recognizable in the photos.
  • Hands and feet
    Not defined. But still nicely done.
  • Head, mouth / ears / wig
    All great and detailed for a TPE head. Her mouth is sweet as sugar, with implied teeth.
  • Vulva / Labia
    Very detailed with large labia minora.
  • Love openings and inner structure
    Fine nubs.
  • How to clean? Powder? Lubricate?
    Good with toycleaner for occasional cleaning, otherwise shower with Bath Lilly.


  • Her expression (melancholic, sad, kind, friendly, happy, cheeky, challenging, sweet, loving,…)
    Innocent, tenderly youthful. Touching, expecting something. Attentive look. „Show me the world, my love.“
  • How does she look at me?
    Her gaze goes to my heart. As if she’s asking me to be tender with her.
  • Personality?
    Friendly, reserved, wants to be protected.
  • Her nature?
    Tender, as if it were always the first time.
  • What does she trigger in me?
    A protective instinct. You automatically treat her very delicately and gently.

Sleeping with her

  • Kissing
    Mariko is very nice to kiss. Her mouth is present and soft.
  • Cuddling and caressing
    Mariko’s gorgeous figure encourages you to stroke and cuddle her. She feels very realistic.
  • Acceptance of body temperature
    Quite fast. She warms up in just a few minutes.
  • Falling asleep
    Mariko is good for cuddling and snuggling. Falling asleep with her works very well.

Sex with her

  • Feeling of body contact (real / plastic / sticky / …)
    Very realistic feel. Stimulating and exciting.
  • Positions (which are good, which are less good)
    – Rider: very good
    – Squat: Not good because of the stops in the hip joints.
    – Missionary: No problems. Be a little careful, her labia is very soft and sensitive.
    – Doggy: Not tried.
  • Center of gravity
    Balanced, somewhere in the center of the body. Therefore ideal to handle.
  • Penetration and stimulation
    Very easy penetration as her vulva opens immediately. Very stimulating thanks to the fine nubs and ribs.


  • Usually relatively quick, after about 15 minutes.


    With Mariko it is always a nice experience because she is uncomplicated, holds her position well and is well balanced. Her moderate weight is pleasant and also allows for more passionate rounds without you being immediately exhausted. Mariko does everything except squats. Her large labia is clearly visible during intercourse and for a visually inclined person a feast for the eyes that makes you forget that it is a love doll.

Points of criticism and advantages

  • Sensitivity
    Robust TPE
  • Repairability
    Very easy to repair with CWA and welding
  • Risk of cracking if – where?
    Elbows puncture easily.
  • Protection of the skeleton
    Vaginal canal to the skeleton (not) sealed! Important to note!


  • Price-performance ratio
    Relatively expensive but you get a great doll.
  • Comparison
    There is none from my point of view. Mariko is unique.
  • What you get
    A very good and photogenic love doll that is suitable for everything. Sex, cuddling, companion and shoots.
  • Who is she suitable for and who isn’t?
    Good for the somewhat experienced doll lover. Beginners should be aware that their genital area is pretty but sensitive. Large labia tear easily if you climb on her like a berserker.
  • Recommendations
    If you don’t just want sex, but also like graceful photos and a young lady, you’ll be delighted with Mariko. Mariko looks pretty in almost any outfit.


  • Mariko likes photo shoots very much. She always looks great. Lingerie, Asian traditional, street look, even in a potato sack she is cute. Her sweetie mouth and her cute face melt hearts.

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