4 Sex Doll Trends You Should Pay Attention To In 2023

It seems that the days when sex dolls were usually hidden away in the bedroom were gone. Today, sex dolls are proudly displayed on the main social media platforms. Even their function has changed. For some consumers, these dolls have evolved from being just sex objects to being more like “companion dolls”, friends. 

In this article, we will look back at last year’s global sex toy market and the development trend of sex dolls in these two years. Finally, let’s talk about what Irontech Doll will do in 2023.

An insight into the 2022 global sex doll market

The Global Sex Dolls Market is anticipated to grow by US$ 595.94 million throughout 2023–2027, with an accelerated CAGR of 7.67%. In the world sex doll market, 65% of dolls are distributed by e-commerce channels. This trend became popular since the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Global Sex Dolls Market Size 2023 2027

1. North America

North America is the largest and most competitive sex doll market. English is spoken in all major countries, which is easy for Asian manufacturers to communicate with. In addition to mature logistics and payment systems, consumers have strong purchasing power and are used to online shopping. 

According to a survey focused on 1760 US citizens in the U.S. in 2022, 53% of Americans use sex toys to improve their sexual experience; 25% of respondents owns sex doll. High acceptance of sex toys in U.S. and Canadian society, as well as the presence of multiple sex doll websites, are expected to increase demand for novel sex dolls by 2023. BBW sex dolls (dolls that have big bulky boobs, round big buttocks, fat sexy thighs) and Ebony sex dolls are still the best selling in the past year.

Sex Dolls Ownership

2. Europe

Silicone sex doll1

The European sex doll market is segmented by country. Countries such as the UK, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, and Denmark are the main contributors to this European sex doll market. 

The rising popularity of sex toys is driving the growth of the sex doll market in Europe. Users knew more about sex dolls. From sex toys to companion dolls, sex dolls have become new influencers on social media. Changing perceptions of sex dolls are driving the adoption of sex dolls in European countries. 

Europe is a profitable market, but high costs and operational challenges due to country fragmentation remain a high threshold for entrants. Nevertheless, some reputable sex doll resellers are doing well in the European market, such as Silicone LoversDollsFranceSilicon Girls, etc. 160cm164cm, and 165cm silicone sex dolls from Irontech Doll are popular in the European market.

3. Asia-Pacific

Asia Pacific sales are expected to grow at a significant rate, with Asia Pacific expected to drive a 37% increase in global toy sales from 2020 to 2025, ranking first in growth. Regions such as Singapore and New Zealand are expected to drive demand for sex toys by changing customer perceptions of sex, reducing social stigma, and increasing online retailers. 

What about the East Asian market? There is no exception that Asian facial sex dolls with cute bodies are hot-selling products. 

Japan is more tolerant of sex toys than most Asian countries due to its history and culture. Japan’s industrial policy also ensured the development of the sex doll market. 

South Korea ended a ban on the import of full-body sex dolls just days ago, benefiting Asian sex doll manufacturers and retailers. Recipients still need to clear customs themselves. This can be a barrier for some consumers.

Asian Sex Dolls

What Irontech Doll did in 2022

Irontechdoll is a sex doll manufacturer established in 2016, boasting two factories and three sex doll series. We aim to be trendsetters in the sex doll industry. All kinds of dolls can be customized to meet customers’ requests. 

Over the past year, Irontech Doll has expanded to meet the growing demand for sex dolls. We improved the customer service team and established a brand department to communicate with users and promote our products better. We also look at user preferences to conceive new products. A new series will enter the market in February 2023 as soon as possible.

Sex doll design trends in 2022-2025

Due to the increasing popularity of sex dolls, the industry is expected to grow at a surprising rate in the next few years. One of the main reasons this industry thrives is the satisfaction its users get from their sex dolls. 

To keep up with changes in the market, sex doll manufacturers are constantly looking for new ways to improve their products in recent years. This section will summarize some of the most popular design trends in the sex doll industry in 2023.

Robot sex doll 1
Robot sex doll 2
automatic sucking 1231

2. Ultra-realistic Sex Dolls

Images and visuals have a powerful effect on people. The quest for ultra-realistic looks is one of the foreseeable major developments in the sex doll industry. Compared to robot sex dolls, designing a sex doll with a super realistic appearance is an easier development direction. Silicone can form a better look than TPE due to the sturdiness of the silicone material. Therefore, it is the priority material to create a sex doll with a hyper-realistic appearance. The hyper-realistic sex dolls on the market have life-like features, such as skin texture, veins, movable jaw, and a more natural body shape.

Ultra realistic sex doll

3. Fantasy Character Sex Dolls

Fantasy Sex dolls

2022 is a year of fantasy sex dolls. Generation Z has a high sense of identity with ACG elements such as anime, comics, and games, which also drive sales of related products. We note that some brands produce popular ACG characters, such as game character dolls. Some dress their dolls as manga characters for commercial photography. All these marketing strategies indicate that millennial preferences are being taken more into account by manufacturers.

4. Light Weight Sex Dolls

Lightweight sex dolls are always predicted to be the next trend in the sex doll market every year. Users prefer lighter, more portable dolls with a size that can be easily handled and moved around. Although manufacturers still prefer heavier sex dolls for their stability and ability to stay in position during use, the trend is that lighter dolls will grow significantly in popularity. 

Everyone is trying to capitalize on trends. Manufacturers must be trend-chasers, whether they like it or not. Irontech Doll released several sex torsos in 2022. They are compromise choices for lightweight trends, and buyers can easily pose the torso and enjoy the authentic appearance. This series includes torsos, buttocks, and sex doll lower bodies made from TPE or silicone.

Torso sex dolls

The future of the sex doll industry looks bright. People are looking for these dolls to be more than just sex partners. They are also looking for friends who can share time with them. Sex dolls are also useful for people who have deep sexual fantasies. They can help them fulfill their desires and take the burden off their shoulders. 

According to a report, 81% of all consumers want to receive personalized service from brands they buy from. The sex doll market will accommodate every unique need in the future. With the latest innovations and the growing popularity of these toys, we hope you will try more in the future.

2023 Irontech Doll plan

The business has evolved a lot this year. We have been trying to increase our customer base and improve our service, and we are very grateful for all the support. The cooperation between us is just like a wonderful journey with both of us developing, which is full of exciting moments. We believe Irontech Doll will grow stronger in product development and management next year.

1. Improving customer service

Excellent customer experiences are at the heart of one company’s customer service organization. By 2022, our marketing and customer support team has grown from a 9-person team to a 21-person team. A strong professional pre-sale and post-sale service team have been established to help solve customer-related problems. 

In 2023, we established a branding department focused on offering more marketing ideas and content. That helped our brand to be closer to customers and gain more brand exposure, which helped a lot of vendors with sales. If you have any requests to produce marketing content, please feel free to contact us. We will do our best to support you.

Sex Doll Factory 1

2. Customer-oriented production

Sex Doll Office

In 2022, we put a lot of effort into silicone sex dolls. The silicone department of Irontech Doll started in 2021. We held monthly employee training to improve production and service skills. 

Growth is obvious to see. Customers are pushing us to a higher standard, and we will not stop moving forward. Please keep an eye on what the market will look like in 2023. We feel very honored to be one of them to witness and contribute to the development of the industry! 

At the same time, the Irontech Doll factory is also growing. We are moving from a factory of 2500 square meters to a factory of 6000 square meters. Where we can get more systematic, mature, and professional production support. We will have a team of R&D artists focused on the Real Lady series and our sister brand, which focuses on the Real Torso. In addition, there will be enhanced teams for artistic control and quality.

3. New product launch-Real Lady

Ultra-realistic sex dolls are one of the popular trends for sex dolls. Irontechdoll plans to launch Real Lady as another high-end silicone doll series in 2023. In the series, we use a lifecasting mold to achieve the authentic appearance of veins, skin, and body. Every detail in this sex doll is super realistic. We made this decision in response to hyper-realistic trends in the sex doll industry. The first silicone body released will be a slim, tight body, which has a lower weight. The first batch of new heads covers different styles of faces. All these factors combined ensure you have an experience like no other when it comes to realistic sex dolls.

Real Lady

4. Touch-sensitive moaning

The niche market for moaning sex dolls has been growing in recent years. The dolls are made of TPE or silicone and have a speaker and several movement sensors that can reproduce certain sounds. Although moaning sex dolls aren’t as sexy as real adult dolls, they can still provide an enjoyable experience for those looking for a more interactive experience. The price of these items is higher than other non-moaning sex toys, but for those looking for a more authentic experience, this can be a worthwhile purchase.

This year, we plan to change the old moaning voice to a new human voice. We working with a wonderful and sexy lady. Hopefully, you’ll have a better private time and enjoy the beautiful moments.

5. More social media cooperation

As a sex doll manufacturer, there are some things we can do to give the public a comprehensive view of sex dolls, and we also need feedback from the audience. A collaborative project means sharing exposure and spotlight with others. Social media collaborations are a great way to expand our content creation and develop new ideas. They allow us to work with a new team and build a stronger relationship with another company.

It is another challenging year. Irontech Doll's team has dedicated itself to developing innovations.
We will continue improving the quality of our products and create even more breakthroughs.

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