How to Purchase Sex Dolls Without Family Members Knowing

Men always have fantasies about big boobs and fat asses. Fantasy is better than reality. People who are passionate about sexual fantasy have a lot of reasons to love sex dolls. These lifelike sex dolls allow them to explore their sexual desires without the constraints of social conventions and give them endless authentic sexual pleasure that their female partners never have. They can be with their beloved sex dolls, and they can try new things that are either not allowed or taboo in the real world.

It’s common for lonely men to hide their full-size sex dolls inside a safe hiding place, especially since their wives, neighbors, and other close relatives might suspect them. But, is it possible to hide a life size sex doll from family members or who is living with you? Especially hiding from the kids. They are young and curious about the world. It might explore every corner of the house.

Having sex dolls in your home is a delightful thing for us, especially if you have no plans of having sex with a partner. Although this might seem ridiculous, there are actually several ways to hide your sex doll from your family members. We have come up with a couple of creative ways that will allow you to keep your companion away from the eyes of other people. However, keeping a sex doll in your home can be a bit challenging. If you have been reluctant to bring home a sex doll in order to upgrade your sex life, then try these out. You have to hide it in an area that your family members would not know about.

Hide Your Sex Doll in the Closet

Your first instinct will probably be to hide your sex doll in a closet. This makes the most sense because closets are small dark rooms with doors that conceal their contents. If you invite a guest over to your house, they most likely won’t look in your closet unless they have a specific reason for doing so. But if you simply have a service person come to your house to fix something, then you won’t need to worry about them snooping around in your closet space.

If there is a lavish closet in your house, you can also hide yours on one of its lower shelves. Just make sure that you have enough space in the closet to accommodate both the sex doll and its companion. I assume the plan is simple: You will have your companion placed at the bottom or back of the closet, and you will have your clothes and other accessories placed in front of it.


This will provide you with ample cover for your sex doll, and it will also prevent your wife from looking through your entire closet without realizing that there is an adult doll inside. This method is also especially helpful when you have torso sex dolls, as they are easier to move around in compared to full-sized sex dolls. If you have enough space in your closet, you can use this strategy with human-sized dolls.

Closets come in all shapes and sizes. The chances are that you have a closet that is big enough to hide a sex doll in it. You don’t need a walk-in closet either because you could hang the sex doll by a hook on the back of its neck. Many sex doll models have a small hook buried underneath their fake skin. You would simply lift up the flap of skin on the back of its neck to reveal the hook. Then you can hang the doll from that in the closet. Not all sex dolls have this hook, but it is worth a try.

Before you display your new sex doll, make sure that the rod in your closet can handle its heavy load. Full-sized models, which do not have a head, typically weigh beyond 25kg.


Hide Your Sex Doll Under The Bed

If the closet has no more space, another common location where people hide their sex dolls is under their beds. This is one of the most effective ways to place your sex dolls. This will allow you to keep the activity private and prevent people from looking for it. This may or may not work for you, depending on how much space is between your floor and the bottom of your bed. Don’t force your sex doll under the bed if there is not enough room or else you will end up damaging it. You should be able to slide or tuck the sex doll underneath your bed without much effort.

If you are able to fit the sex doll under your bed, you may want to take some extra precautions to make sure it is not seen and avoid damaging its structure and skin. After all, what if your guest drops something onto the floor by accident? They may see your sex doll under the bed as they’re reaching down to pick up what they dropped.

You can block the doll from sight by placing bags or other personal belongings in front of it under the bed. This should give you extra peace of mind to know that it won’t be discovered. When you take the doll back out from under the bed, you might want to wipe it down with a dry cloth to ensure it is clean.

Hide Your Love Doll in the Garage

Another common way to hide a sex doll is in the garage. If you are one of the few people in your family who always use the garage, then you should consider using it as your storage area for sex dolls. This method will allow you to keep the activity private and prevent people from looking for it. It is very usual for people to throw away large boxes when they buy sex dolls. However, these boxes can actually be used to store the items. You only have to pack the sex doll inside a bag and store it in your garage until you want to use it again. To cover up the real object, you can also put other items inside the box. If your family members see it, you can claim that it’s just some of your junk, and she’ll just leave it alone.

garage storage

Although most sex dolls are made of TPE and silicone materials, you should protect them from the humid air in the garage to prevent mold spores from growing on them. Flight cases will be the best option for protecting your sex doll. A garage is more spacious than under the bed. In order to store your sex doll inside this space, find a large area in the garage. Place it inside the container, which should not have pictures on it, and lock it whenever you go out. However, it is not recommended to keep these items there for a long time. They should only be kept there as a temporary hiding place.

Hide Your Love Doll in Other Rooms

You can also hide the sex doll in different rooms of your house. For instance, you can put it in the utility room, though you may have to remove it if something goes wrong. To make the room more secure, lock it.

If you’re not able to find a storage room that’s big enough to store all of your boxes, then think about a room in your home that’s already filled with boxes. Your sex doll’s box will be among those in this room, and only you can find it if you look closely.

Keep in mind that you can’t prevent other people from entering your storage room. Also, lock it like a utility area, which increases the risk that it will be viewed by others. If you have a space that isn’t commonly used, you can select a place that is not typically used. Wrap the doll in plastic and put it inside the box.

Rent A Locker to Hide Sex Dolls

This method is considered the last resort when it comes to hiding your sex doll. It involves renting a private locker and putting the treasure inside. This method is foolproof since your family members will not be able to find it. Although this method is more practical, it’s still not recommended unless all other options have failed. In addition, it can be a bit inconvenient to remove the sex doll from the locker and bring it back inside.

Last Words

A lot of people in society own sex dolls. Not only do they give us the most authentic experience but also provide us with a lot of love, fun, happiness, and companionship. Sex dolls are not just a toy, they are the most precious treasures in the world, please make sure to hide them in a safe way. When it comes to keeping your sex doll safe from the prying eyes of others, it’s important that you store it properly. Overall, having it stored in an area that’s secure and private can give you peace of mind. Hope this information will help you find the ideal storage solution for your doll. Ready to get your own love dolls? Let’s get started!

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