Navigating the “Big Country Brand Stories” Meeting: Leonard’s Insightful Journey


Leonard, the CEO of Irontech Doll, was invited to appear on “Big Country Brand Stories,” a television show hosted by CCTV (China Central Television). This blog records Leonard’s experience at the meeting.

*The “Big Country Brand Stories” column is a large-scale high-end TV program in the documentary category launched by the CCTV Discovery Channel. It uses real-life corporate scenes as creative materials, and real people and real events as the objects of expression. It performs artistic processing and presentation on them, showing reality and recording the stories behind major brands. Using the powerful influence of television to enhance the visibility and reputation of brands and companies, the brand will have a longer-term development, become a century-old brand, become a national brand, and spread positive energy to society.

On December 27th, I participated in a pivotal gathering uniting media, the CCTV Discovery Channel, and entrepreneurs across diverse industries nationwide. I had the opportunity to be interviewed by Wu Hao, a highly adept CCTV hostess renowned for her distinct and broad outlook on various industries. Following that, I engaged with Mr. Shi, the former head of the State Industry and Commerce Discipline Administration, who shared profound insights on brand development.

Post-interview, I delved into the meeting proceedings and formulated a condensed overview. Wu Hao, the hostess, initiated the session with three fundamental concepts, advocating for a transition in China: from Chinese speed to Chinese quality, from Chinese products to Chinese Brands, and from “produced by China” to “Created by China.”

Mr. Shi expounded on building brands, delineating four pivotal aspects:

  1. Government Support: Highlighting the government’s endorsement, citing May 10th as the national brand day in support of domestic brand growth.
  2. Customer Mindset: Emphasizing the shift from selecting cheaper commodities to prioritizing better-quality products.
  3. Public Opinion and Media Influence: Stressing the media’s responsibility in shaping public opinions and supporting burgeoning national brands.
  4. Company Initiatives: Offering detailed advice, such as trademark registration for protection, standardization of business operations, perpetual reputation management, storytelling for brand dissemination, dedicated brand administration, and innovation leveraging new technologies.

Aligning with Mr. Shi’s discourse on brand building, Irontech Doll has consistently dedicated itself to crafting premium products in the industry. Over seven years, our product line has evolved to incorporate mechanical functionalities and hyperrealistic love dolls, achieving a seamless fusion of quality and design. Concurrently, Irontech Doll places significant emphasis on third-party quality certification. All raw materials undergo rigorous scrutiny by accredited third-party organizations, ensuring consumers can confidently trust and use their products.

Following that, Mr. Lu, the executive producer of the TV program, proceeded to impart his personal reflections on the responsibilities of CCTV media and their intrinsic values. He highlighted three major transformations within CCTV in recent years: the division between production and broadcasting in 2009, the National branding plan in 2016, and the merger of three channels in 2018.

This plan echoed President Xi’s call to bolster national brands. The essence of “Exquisite Craftsmanship” was equated with earnestness, meticulousness, and a pursuit of perfection, translating into passion for media practitioners.

Authentic media, according to Mr. Lu, should shoulder the responsibility of promoting positive spirits and endorsing commendable brands, emphasizing that perseverance and passion are crucial for brands’ success. Moreover, he underscored that a quality CCTV documentary prioritizes societal benefits over commercial interests.

Lastly, Mr. Ding, the director, outlined the TV program’s procedural aspects and scene filming requirements. The team plans to organize activities post-interview, such as involvement with top 500 companies globally and branding AAR, ensuring clarity for all participants.

It was a comprehensive session encompassing insights on brand building, media responsibilities, and the essential alignment between societal benefits and media content.

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