Irontech Doll Factory Relocates to a Larger Facility

Irontech Doll, a globally recognized sex doll brand, recently relocated its China factory to a new location in Shaxi, Zhongshan City, Guangdong Province, increasing its area from 2500 square meters to 6000 square meters. This expansion is a testament to the company’s dedication to the adult doll industry and the accumulation of strong capabilities in innovation, product development, and service excellence.


The relocation allowed Irontech Doll to merge its silicone and TPE factories. This integration not only helps to consolidate high-quality supply chain resources through bulk purchases and optimized logistics routes but also promotes seamless communication and collaboration between different teams, enabling them to explore and apply new technologies to accelerate product upgrades and iterations.

Moreover, the larger office space supports the orderly execution of various business operations. The new facility has two floors. The first floor has been divided into different areas, including a research and development room, skeleton production area, reception room, photography studio, product shooting area, and sample exhibition room.

sex doll factory

In addition to handling existing workloads, the company has invested heavily in attracting more professional R&D personnel to collaborate on developing and testing new products, improving existing product functions, and promptly soliciting customer feedback. By involving customers in co-creation, we can make more targeted adjustments to meet personalized needs

sex doll factory

The second floor is dedicated to the production management workshop. To meet the expanding market demand, the company has hired additional makeup artists to focus on developing fashionable styles and maintaining high-quality makeup standards. It aims to cater to various consumer groups, such as those who prefer specific facial features, body types, or ages. To handle the growing global orders and ensure efficient delivery of sex dolls to customers and partners, the company has added more production equipment and personnel, upgrading its production capacity by two to three times. The company is also actively introducing modern enterprise management systems to make the production process more streamlined, standardized, and systematic. This approach aims to produce sex dolls that look as lifelike as possible and become emotionally attached and intimate companions for users.

Since its establishment in 2015, the Irontech Doll brand has experienced astonishing changes every year. The company’s unchanging mission is to serve every user with the best possible service. This commitment is reflected in every process, from design and manufacturing to transportation and service, and it is integrated into every employee’s work ethic, thereby guaranteeing the best product and customer experience.

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