Silicone Sex Doll Buyer Review – 152cm S20 Suki

Hello, everyone. My name is Maoqiandai.

Recently, the COVID-19 epidemic in Beijing has become more serious. With the smog and the leaves falling off, I feel almost depressed after staying at home all day. Fortunately, I received a sex doll from Irontechdoll. I just received it and quickly unpacked it for everyone. This morning, I went out to a park where there weren’t many people. I took some photos of the doll. If you’re interested, please take a look at the photos placed below.

I’m not good at English. The brand is Irontech Doll. It’s a sex doll brand that aims to create realistic and beautiful sex dolls with Iron-like quality. If it is wrong, please correct me. I understand that this brand has existed for a long time, and has been doing business in foreign markets. I don’t know much about it in the domestic market.

They humbly hope that everyone can give more suggestions to them and help them improve. I believe that in the future, they will definitely bring you more and more high-quality products.

I learned from their official website that most of their dolls are BBW sex dolls and male sex dolls. I bought one this time. The head of the sex doll’s Asian face is called S20 Suki. Let me introduce it to you slowly.

Compared to other dolls, Irontechdoll’s 152cm silicone body is much more realistic. It’s 152cm tall, and it’s not the same as the thin and long legs that are commonly seen in China. The proportions of the body and legs are also more realistic.

The articulated finger joints of the doll are also flexible. The body paint features a super realistic human skin texture and blood vessels, which are both hyper-realistic and realistic.

The boobs are small breasts, not big breasts. I find it interesting that sensual women do not have big breasts. Small breasts really have a special charm.

Now silicone dolls with super realistic bodies painted, EVO skeleton as standard. They are almost the same. It mainly depends on whether the bodies and faces are what you like. The comparison is about the figure, makeup, weight, oil production, breast softness, and private part comfort, etc., this s20 is 152cm tall and weighs 40kg.

The body is good, but the weight is better if you can work hard to reduce the weight. I left suspense for the display of the head sculpt. You can see the makeup in the location below.

In addition, although the softness of the chest is not bad, there is still room for improvement. The oil output is quite satisfactory, and it may be better after a while. It is said that the quality of this body is very good, it is very durable for taking pictures, and it is quite strong.

So friends who like this face and figure can go to the official website to learn more.

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