Sex Doll Dress Up Tips: How to Choose Clothes for Your Doll

Have you ever thought about dressing up your doll? Just like playing with a Barbie doll, dressing your love doll in different outfits can help you shape her character and enhance your experience. But what kind of clothes are suitable for your doll? And how do you dress her without causing any damage? Let’s explore some helpful tips for choosing and dressing your sex doll.

how to dress up sex doll

Suki in different outfits

Consider Potential Damage

Keep in mind that certain fabrics and colors can potentially damage your doll’s skin. Dark-colored clothes, in particular, may transfer dye onto your doll’s skin, causing stains. To prevent this, choose light-colored clothes that are easy to clean.

Before dressing your doll, test the quality of the clothes using a piece of test material provided by Irontech Doll. Wrap the fabric around the test piece for a few days to check for any signs of fading or staining.

Don't Forget the Wig

Just like clothes, wigs can also stain your doll’s skin. Make sure to regularly clean both the doll’s head and wig to prevent any dye transfer.

Synthetic wig cleaning instruction

How to Dress the Doll

Before dressing your doll, lightly powder her skin to reduce stickiness. When dressing her, it’s often easier to lift her arms and dress her from top to bottom. Keep in mind that sex dolls have exaggerated body proportions, so dressing areas like the buttocks may require some extra effort.


Adding one or two delicate accessories can elevate your doll’s style.

There are various categories of women’s clothing on SHEIN (Source: SHEIN)

Look for accessories from popular fashion shops or explore options available on the Irontech Doll website, including punk, hippie, and gothic styles.

Punk Accessories

When not in use, store your doll in a safe and secure location, such as the original box. Use an office chair or wheelchair for easy movement, or hang her with an M16 hook in your closet to maintain the butt’s shape.

In conclusion, dressing up your sex doll can be a fun and rewarding experience. By following these tips, you can ensure that your doll stays stylish and well-maintained for years.

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