Sex Doll Review – Silicone 162cm S12 Carmel

Jelena, How It Is with Her

Steff will now tell you about his experience with Jelena. It’s an open and candid report. It’s meant to show you that a modern silicone love doll is something special.

Jelena is a modern silicone love doll manufactured by Irontech in the year 2023 and equipped with finger joints and standing function, a fixed vagina, and gel-filled breasts and buttocks. To test objectively, I took my time and thoroughly observed her. Her appearance is so authentic that it’s almost startling. Her vaginal canal is sealed towards the skeleton from the factory. So, there’s no need to worry here. Her mouth is beautifully shaped, making kissing her a pleasure. The color is kiss-proof. I chose the normal rider position and used high-quality water-based lubricant from Dollsfrance, which doesn’t become sticky, as my goal was to endure an hour of sex.

When she was on top of me, the initial perception was very personal and intimate, as if she were a person looking at me lovingly. Her hands on my chest provide a delicate touch that is unparalleled. Gripping her buttocks feels soft and realistic, and her gel-filled breasts sway and are almost unbeatable in softness. The feeling of dealing with a doll quickly fades away.

When I penetrated her, it was soft and very stimulating. Halfway through, the resistance slightly increases. Behind that, it becomes smooth and easy again. I must admit, restraining passion is nearly impossible because her vaginal interior is extraordinary. You may know of bumps or ridges, but with Jelena, hundreds of small structures resemble suction cups. The goal of lasting an hour was impossible to achieve, even with breaks during the plateau phase, and after just 20 minutes, I was at the ‘Point of No Return.’ And that was with a very gentle encounter.

Her very well-adjusted skeleton also allows for the squat position and holds well. Soft shoes are recommended for this position to protect her feet and the bed.
I did not test her mouth and buttocks. That’s not my thing, and I don’t do that.

Mature Sex Doll 162cm S12 Carmel


Jelena is a highly stimulating love doll with very high realism. Her appearance resembles that of a woman in her mid-30s to 40s. Not a doll, but a woman. Her aura is very loving and friendly. Even without sex, she is a charming companion and cuddle partner in bed and very appealing in beautiful clothes. Her feminine yet not exaggerated curves, especially her lovely legs and ample breasts, complete her appearance.


The body paint on her inner thighs fades slightly over time during riding, so be cautious and always powder well.
Her material is very repair-friendly with Elastosil or Sil-Poxy.
The vaginal canal describes a slight arc in the middle. This is one reason for the extremely high stimulation.
For cleaning the canal, always use curved forceps (swab forceps).
When using a drying stick, please choose a flexible one.

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