The Sex Doll Stand

Society slowly accepts the existence of sex dolls, and a lot of people already own one. An excellent choice for someone who is looking for something a little more fun in bed is a sex doll. These lifelike sex dolls are a source of excitement and satisfaction, and they can keep you relaxed during difficult times.

Why Should We Need to Store Sex Dolls?
Having sex dolls can be beneficial for lovers who are still living apart. Not only will they be safe to use, but they will also prevent you from getting sexually transmitted infections. Since there are so many advantages to having sex dolls, it’s important that you take the necessary steps to ensure that they are kept in good condition. However, this also comes with some responsibilities. One of these is to keep the doll clean and put it away properly. It can’t be left in the house without being kept safe.

Many of you may already have your own beautiful sex dolls, but do you really store them in the right way?

Before storing your love dolls, it’s important to consider the various factors that affect their cleanliness. When storing sex dolls, you should ensure that they are protected from harmful substances and dust. Having a proper storage facility will allow you to keep them safe and ready to go when needed. Doing so will allow you to protect them from various damages.

So, it’s very important to store love dolls in a proper way, such as using a good storage case or box to avoid dust, moisture, or other things that might damage the doll. Also, it prolongs the life of your doll and safeguards your health.

What Is Irontech Sex Doll Stand?
Sometimes you might not have enough space or a closet to keep your dolls well organized. Don’t worry! The sex doll stand is definitely a powerful accessory and a great option for your doll collection and helps you protect your love dolls. It will help you to keep a clean, healthy, and safe environment for your dolls.

Irontech Doll launched a practical, durable, and sturdy sex doll hanging stand. We also applied for a patent for this sex doll stand. The simple design makes it easy to assemble and adjust while its height range from 130cm to 230cm. The adjustable range allows you to make full use of the space inside your room The doll stand is made of stainless metal steel, designed with a telescopic pole and the lift handle. This doll stand makes it effortless to hang your doll up.

The Benefit of Irontech Sex Doll Stand

According to some sex doll owners, their full-size sex dolls’ butts will eventually get deformed after being stored flat for a long time. We have therefore advised our customers to hang their sex dolls using hooks instead of laying them flat.

A sex doll hanging stand is a good alternative if you have a space that’s not ideal for storing things. The doll hanging stand can be freely retractable, and it can cover an average doll’s height. Its legs can also be adjusted to accommodate the doll’s weight. The flexible design of a sex doll hanging stand is ideal for accommodating various sex doll sizes and weights of better stability. the maximum load capacity is 80kg.

The sex doll hanging stand is equivalent to an upgrade from the standing and flat storage methods. It eliminates the pressure points of the bearing weight on the doll’s knees, and it’s also space-efficient.

People who have a hard time moving their sex dolls due to their back problems or because the doll is too heavy to carry around can use the sex doll hanging stand. It can be used to store heavy dolls, and it’s very easy to move them around. The stand’s caster made the doll stand can be moved anywhere in a corner and it can also be stopped anywhere you want, the caster can be fixed too. Doll owners don’t have to worry about them getting dirty or sitting around, as the cover and blanket that are put on the doll can prevent them from getting covered in dust.

Irontech Sex Doll Stand Operation

Put down the load-bearing feet of the doll stand vertically at 90 degrees, the screws on it will automatically get stuck in the groove and it will be fixed. Assemble with the caster, the hanging stand can move anywhere, you can park it wherever you want to park by locking the casters. And it will stay where you want it to stay.

Be careful while using the stand and follow all the steps. You should only move the doll once it has been hung and slowly. If it is not, could cause the doll stand to break due to the weight of the object, or overturn the doll stand due to unbalance of load-bearing feet. Most importantly, you might get hurt if you use it wrongly.

The Operation Process of the Sex Doll Stand

1. Open the load-bearing feet and install the casters and the lift handle.
2. The load-bearing bracket is raised to the required height (165cm is recommended)
3. Install the top hook and tighten the locking screws


1. Do not press the button when the doll stand is under load.
2. Please hold on to the lift handle when you are pulling or pushing the load doll stand.
3. Avoid overturning the doll stand due to unbalance of load-bearing feet.

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