My Custom Irontech Male Head

My four silicone elf heads

Since then I have watched the progress of several other manufacturers. I also waited for the best time for me to buy a doll that I’d be happy with because I did not want a TPE doll. 

After seeing all the 100% silicone options out there, I was going to choose between A and B. B was ridiculously expensive for what they offered, so I decided to buy from A. Long story short, I spent over $11,000.00 with them to produce a doll for me, and they disappeared right after Covid. They do not return calls or emails, and they ran away with all of my money…that was a horrible experience for me.

I got burned on that order, but I still wanted to buy a good doll. 


I thought about B again, but then on a search, I saw on your website that you were now offering 100% silicone Male dolls. I got really excited and last year I put a custom order together with Mike…..who is an amazing professional. I love working with him, and he is very helpful[ and knowledgeable, and he treats me with a lot of kindness and respect. He is also very patient with all of my specifications, and he worked with the factory on my behalf to make sure that I am happy with the order. I also created my own custom elf head based on your “George” doll, for use with the tall silicone male body.

I LOVE the 4 Elf George heads that the team made for me. 

H1 300x300 1
H3 300x300 1
h4 300x300 1

Those are perfect. My problem was the body—I was not expecting the doll to leach so much oil as a completely silicone doll. I understood later that the oil was added to the silicone in order to make it so soft like human skin. The issue was that I was not ever looking for a soft sex body. I wanted a realistic and durable lifesize action figure/companion. I wanted to pose the figure like Phicen Action Figures, and move him around the house to keep me company. This oily body did not fit my purpose, and all the extra body hair that I spent a lot of money on did not even stay on his body. It was not a bad product from Irontech; It was just not what I expected, and I should have talked more with your team to understand the materials and options.


The second body

I worked with Mike on my second doll body, and it was made with very little oil this time. This doll is amazing! All the body hair stays in place and is much more durable. The look and feel is also more realistic to me, and I am a lot happier with it because he is the work of art that I imagined. I am able to pose him and move him around the house and put him on furniture….just like I have wanted for years. This figure is GREAT!

I will still want to buy the third male doll anyway because I am happy with Irontech and the work on my second doll.

I just thought I would ask you in case this is a possibility because it would help me a lot. I will still get with Mike either way to get the third body and heads done.  I adore your product. Thank you for bringing this happiness to me and my life.


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