Our USA & EU Warehouse

Buying a lifelike sex doll just for ourselves is a very EXCITING thing. From satiating our fantasies and fetishes to giving us company all the time, sex dolls have become a variety of purposes. The popularity of sex dolls keeps rising, not only changing the way we live, but also bringing a lot of joy to our life.

Although buying a sex doll is very easy now just need to click some simple button from an online doll shop, and the doll will arrive at your home in weeks. This makes buyers have to wait for a long time to see their beloved sex dolls. It takes time and effort.

Also, due to the huge demands and the tight schedule of international air shipping, we decide to ship stocks for some of the hot items to the USA and EU warehouses.

USA&EU warehouses for fast delivery and tax-custom clearance free. The dolls shipped from warehouses are much more cost-effective than dolls shipped from China due to the shipping fees from these warehouses will be much lower. The dolls in the US warehouse are only can be delivered anywhere in the US. And the dolls in the EU warehouse are only can be delivered to any country in the EU. If there is a warehouse near you, we will deliver it to you within 3 days after you place an order. And the express delivery is expected to arrive at your home within 7 days.

We warmly welcome business partners to build the warehouse stock together. Then you will enjoy your exclusive stocks that won't be shared by others. Please feel free to contact us for more details.

Irontechdoll group hopes to work their best to add the biggest value to all the business partners and then get the best development together.

Please noted:

Discreet package with a sleeping bag/blanket and styrofoam.

The dolls in the warehouse have been styled by default, such as breast options, wigs, eye color, skin tone, etc.

Please contact your vendor or seller for more details before you place an order.


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