Behind the Scenes of Irontech Love Doll Photo Shoot

A love doll is more than just a tool for intimacy—it can serve as a versatile model for various creative endeavors, such as photography. However, taking beautiful photos with a love doll requires more technique than one might imagine.

This blog documents a photography experience with Irontech dolls. We hope this blog can let more customers know the behind-the-scenes of love doll photography and provide photography inspiration to doll lovers.

Setting up the scene

First, confirm the themes for shooting. This time, we arranged two major photography themes: Black Friday and Thanksgiving. Then use existing props to set up a scene.

The super sales event promotional pictures were captured in the photography studio located in our new factory. We now boast a more spacious room dedicated to photography, so we can a big scene for group photo. If space is limited, you can also set up a small scene to shoot one doll. Choose a clean and uncluttered backdrop. Consider using plain-colored backdrops or seamless paper to keep the focus on your doll.

Posing the love doll

Explore different poses to bring your doll to life. Pose the limbs, tilt the head, or experiment with standing stances. Adjust the doll to the desired posture before attaching the head. We recommend attaching the head at last to prevent hairstyle messy and to minimize the risk of the head falling off while posing the doll.

Use props and accessories

Enhance your doll’s story by incorporating relevant props or accessories. This can add depth and context to your photos. Be mindful not to overcrowd the scene; simplicity often works best.

Add interesting accessories for your doll

Light and equipment

If shooting indoors or during low-light conditions, consider using artificial lighting sources. Softbox lights or umbrella lights can help create a gentle, even illumination, avoiding harsh shadows.

If you’re on a tight budget, using natural lighting is good. Position your doll near a window to take advantage of soft, diffused sunlight.

Angles and perspectives

Experiment with various angles and perspectives to find the most flattering shots. Try shooting from different heights and distances. Find the appropriate shooting distance to avoid face distortion.

Get creative with close-up shots to highlight specific features or details. Play with depth of field to add dimension to your photos.

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